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Is it possible to become a property investing millionaire without quitting your established career ?

Yes, and the best time to change your financial story is


Want to watch and learn how Michael made R500 000 in 24 hours from 1 property deal in Pretoria?

And how you can do the same ?

I've helped both active & passive investors grow their investments

And my passion is to help clients build a lucrative property portfolio

+ secure their financial freedom.

Which route you decide is up to you ...

Sit back Passive investing with Michael & his team

Real life active investing with Michael & his team

Educational courses with Michael & his team

Invest into the next deal and receive 15% fixed return on your investment

Watch what his 82 year old father said after investing his pension with this method

Michael wants to share his real life, and decades of property investing experience, to help you make great investment decisions.

Watch as Investor Nick shares his story

Michael’s portfolio of educational trainings are your first steps in your specialist investment training based on the courses he himself took

Watch as Melissa shares her views of the course she took and its success

Which route you decide is up to you ...

“A wise investment today always results in a better future.

That’s why we offer to help you get started to achieve your dream.

“A wise investment today always results in a better future. That’s why we offer to help you get started to achieve your dream.”

It’s time to take control & learn how to make money from property for yourself.

It’s possible to become a Property Millionaire without quitting your established career.

To this day I still work 9-5 IT Management.

But for more than two decades I’ve also built up my skills, confidence & property portfolio as a heavyweight property investor.

I even put my own parents’ retirement funds into property – which gave them 3 X more returns on their investment!

Imagine the profound difference this made to their lives.

Now I want to share my knowledge with you…

When you use the exponential power of Knowledge, Time and the right Team,

SMART property investments can give you

Financial Freedom, FINANCIAL Stability

& financial Independence.

Once you become a successful property investor,

you’ll provide more for yourself & your loved ones.

Getting there is much less daunting when you have the help of someone who already knows how to succeed.

My team and I would love to help you understand:

Which types of properties are good for cash flow & wealth ... and which arn't

How to build a portfolio that earns high returns and even Infinite ROI's.

The best ways you can limit your risk.

Why professional help is better than doing it alone.

There’s nothing wrong with having questions.

Our passive investors often ask

  • How does it work

  • Is my investment safe

  • How can I be confident that the investment opportunity is a great opportunity.

And many of our active investors have questions including

  • How do we share what we do

  • What deals can they get involved in

  • How to grow their existing portfolio to the next level

To get our investors FAQ or find out more, Sign up for our latest deal.

For each deal we invite all investors to join us online and ask any and all questions they may have

The many things Active investors will learn in their Property Education & Investment Adventure…

First steps to success

Staying up to date with trends in the real estate market requires careful research.

You’ll learn how to source brilliant property investment opportunities in almost any geographic area.

We’ll make sure you understand how to spot and analyze properties that have a high potential to grow the value of your investment.

Knowing the ins and outs

Any loan or mortgage you use to fund a property purchase can work to your advantage.

To do this, you’ll learn how to get 100% financed, manage your interest rates + not lose money while you pay off your debt.

Insurance and basic operating costs can also drain your money. I’ll show you how to avoid these snags with a carefully chosen portfolio.

Growing in confidence

Tax laws have a huge impact on how much money you earn from any investment.

There are opportunities, however, to benefit from tax legislation + you can make sure to gain from them.

Other property legislation may also seem complicated, but we’ll make it easy so you can take charge with confidence by introducing you to our property investing accountant.

Making use of experts

There won’t be any need to tackle & master everything on your own.

The biggest goals are only achieved when you get professionals who know how to help.

Tax attorneys, accountants, conveyancers & real estate agents are just some of the experts who we will introduce to, and make your property investment journey a roaring success.

Armed with experience

I’ll share with you the best structures & entities + how to beat inflation like a pro.

Your experience will help you see the big picture + think even better & bigger as you grow your property portfolio going forward.

One of the exciting strategies will be to leverage your existing properties to secure the funding for new ones.

A property professional

You’ll learn more & more useful, real-world knowledge with every new real estate investment.

Fine-tuning your savvy + gaining advanced know-how will bring you great satisfaction.

As a fully-fledged property investor, you can meet with a Masterminds group where investors exchange ideas & opportunities.


“Michael’s a seasoned property investment expert, a property professional brilliant at cash-flow-positive real estate investing, an energising businessman, and inspirational speaker and coach.”

Ronel Jooste


“It’s not just about making money but learning during the process. Michael imparted so much knowledge to me, which let me break through the ceiling and move my property game to the next level.”

Heinrich Killian


“I 100% recommend investing with Michael. He is honest, reliable and impressively persevering. There’s no better place to put your money to generate a sustainable passive income over time.”

Nick Koupman


You don’t have to enter the property investment world alone.

An experienced guide can save you headaches, heartaches & unnecessary expenses.

Come and join this rewarding investment & education journey.

Each opportunity will make the complex things about real estate simple & manageable. 


I want to see you expand your own investment portfolio & knowledge, grow in confidence…


You can already view our next investment opportunity

I would love for you to join us.

This is for both active and passive investors

and the information we’ll share will show you how property investment can add value to your life.

Real estate is a thriving industry that can change your future!

Come along + I’ll make sure you leave motivated & empowered to grow as a property investor.

Michael Bowen Webinar

Is there anything you’re still wondering about?

Don’t hesitate to get involved!

I would love to talk about your needs + answer your questions.

When we get started, we delve into the important conversation of how to make you financially free & prosperous.

Let your Education & Investment Adventure begin…